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Navigating the world of health insurance plans and their coverage can be complex. The good news is that substance abuse treatment is considered an essential health benefit, but what will it cost you? An Aetna drug rehab in Arizona may have more options for payment than you think!

Changes Healing Center in Arizona makes it easy for you to figure out what your Aetna insurance is going to cover for your drug or alcohol rehab. Allow our admissions team to help you understand your unique health insurance plans. A call to our admissions team is quick, confidential, and gives you the answers you need to think about inpatient and outpatient rehab.

Keep reading to learn about our treatment programs and how to use your Aetna drug rehab Arizona coverage to get help at Changes!

Aetna Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

The time has come. You are ready to get help for your substance use and are wondering what the out-of-pocket cost will be for addiction treatment. What will your Aetna insurance actually cover as it relates to a drug and alcohol rehab?

Affordable Care Act and Addiction Treatment Costs

The good news is that health insurance plans are required to cover addiction treatment as well as mental health treatment under the Affordable Care Act. It is considered an essential health benefit, ensuring that you can get the help you need.

The types of behavioral health services they cover vary depending on your Aetna plan, but all must cover drug and alcohol addiction treatment. In other words, you cannot be denied services because of a mental illness or a substance use issue.

There is no cap on the coverage you can utilize while undergoing treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction. For those who are thinking about inpatient treatment, this is great news. It means you can focus primarily on getting sober and making the most of your treatment instead of on when the money from your insurance will run out.

Addiction Treatment Costs

Does Aetna Insurance Cover Treatment for Substance Use Disorders?

While it may not cover the cost of your drug or alcohol rehab in its entirety, your plan may offer more coverage than you think. The amount owed for treatment will vary depending on your unique plan.

Your drug and alcohol rehab treatment may require you to pay some money upfront out-of-pocket, but the exact figure depends on your Aetna insurance plan. Some people have to pay their deductible prior to health insurance covering their treatment. This could range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand.

After this amount is paid, insurance typically covers either all or a portion of your behavioral health services. Even if you are in an out-of-network facility, we can help you to minimize the cost so that finances are not the thing that holds you back from help.

If our inpatient rehab programs are not covered by your Aetna insurance, we can help you create a treatment plan that will be covered within your budget. Don’t let cost be a deterrent for you to receive the help you need to live life on your own terms, sober.

Our Prevention Screening Services for Substance Abuse

If you are interested in Aetna drug rehab coverage, the first step is usually some form of prevention screening to assess your need for care. Your health insurance coverage permits screening by our medical professionals to assess your level of dependence, use, and the severity of your addiction.

When it comes to Aetna drug rehab coverage, they use the SBIRT system which stands for screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment. The goal of this program is to identify and subsequently reduce substance abuse in those with Aetna insurance coverage. At Changes, we are very familiar with these guidelines and can help you get screened and handle paperwork needed for insurance verification as needed on your behalf.

In some cases, these screenings are already done by your primary care physician. If they determine you may have reliance on drug and alcohol use, it may be time to think about what your health insurance will cover in the form of rehab and to reach out to Changes to get options for support.

Aetna and Most Insurances Accepted for treatment.

Get a Unique Treatment Plan Using Aetna at Changes

It is hard to make blanket statements about what Aetna insurance will cover under the Affordable Care Act because behavioral health is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on your substance use and any mental health concerns, Changes Healing Center will come up with a creative, one-of-a-kind plan to help you conquer your substance use.

We can work with many Aetna insurance policies to devise an affordable solution at our treatment center. Our skilled team offers every level of care you may need including inpatient and outpatient rehab. From individual therapy to group therapy, we have everything you need to succeed.

Aetna is one of the largest health insurance providers, and we understand how to work with them to get you the help you need. Your insurance company may be more flexible than you think as many Aetna insurance policies cover some portion of the costs for both in-network and out-of-network facilities.

Our Aetna Drug Rehab Arizona: Levels of Care Offered

Levels of Care for Addiction Treatment

The good news is that there are multiple levels of care that can impact your overall treatment costs. Aetna insurance coverage will cover most of these services in part.

All of the options provided at Changes Healing Center are evidence-based treatments and give you the gold standard of care.

Medical Detox Programs

Depending on the severity of your substance use disorder and your time spent sober, you may want to first consider enrolling in a medical detox program. Aetna insurance plans will typically cover an initial detoxification process because of the medical risk.

During your first days sober, you might experience extreme discomfort and even dangerous symptoms. Instead of going it alone, you should consider Changes Healing Center where we can offer medication-assisted treatment to make you more comfortable.

Plus, you will have access to around-the-clock care which lessens your likelihood of experiencing more dramatic symptoms.

Inpatient Rehab: Our Residential Treatment Center

A medical detox is simply the first step in a chain of services you will want to consider when thinking about a drug rehab. Typically, people will transition from detox to inpatient addiction treatment where they continue to have access to 24/7 care and a safe environment to learn how to live sober.

If your insurance will cover inpatient treatment, this is one of the best routes to go. You are guaranteed sobriety for thirty to ninety days while you reside in the facility. You will also have access to every type of therapy and support you could possibly need from individual to group and family therapy.

Aetna insurance plans do frequently cover our drug rehab programs, either fully or to some extent. The exact amount owed for this high-level service will vary depending on which facility you select and the specific Aetna plan you are enrolled in. We can help you sort out what they will cover with a quick phone call to our admissions team.

Outpatient Treatment Options to Meet Your Needs

Outpatient Treatment Options to Meet Your Needs

The good news is that you will also find that your Aetna insurance typically covers your outpatient treatment as well. This is a lower level of care, though it can still be quite intensive. There are two primary levels of care you can seek here: intensive outpatient programs and partial hospitalization programs.

Partial hospitalization is the more robust option, requiring you to be at Changes Healing Center five days each week for five hours or more. You return home to sleep in your own bed at night but spend most of your waking hours with us.

Intensive outpatient rehab is a little more flexible. You have the freedom to come and go from our drug and alcohol rehab whenever you are not scheduled for an appointment with one of our providers. The total number of hours you will have treatment usually totals about nine each week.

Both of these drug rehab programs may be covered by your Aetna insurance plans.

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How Do I Know What My Aetna Insurance Covers?

One of the major stressors of enrolling in addiction treatment is the financial investment in your well-being and sobriety. Because of the perceived cost of drug rehab centers, many people do not seek treatment early in their healing journey. Fortunately, it may not be as expensive as you think.

Get peace of mind about the cost of your treatment with Changes Healing Center.

The first thing we do for anyone considering our drug rehab is reach out to their insurance provider. This enables us to see what your plan is willing to cover. Some Aetna plans will cover all of the costs for inpatient rehab while others cover only outpatient addiction treatment. A quick call to Changes can let you know your exact coverage details, confidentially and without any obligation.

Understanding Deductibles and Out-of-Pocket Costs

One of the major factors in how much you owe is your overall deductible. This may need to be paid prior to your Aetna insurance covering any aspect of your drug rehab. We will help you make sense of Aetna insurance plans and see exactly what you owe.

Let our insurance verification team get to the bottom of your benefits in a confidential phone call. No matter what, we can do our best to work with you on the cost of treatment. We never want you to have to postpone getting help because of the financial cost.

Prior Authorization for Addiction Treatment

Prior Authorization for Addiction Treatment

Some Aetna insurance plans do not permit you to enroll in an alcohol or drug rehab without prior authorization. You may need to prove that you require this level of care for your substance abuse treatment. It is relatively common for health insurance to require prior authorization for your services.

Jumping through these hoops might seem impossible when you just want to start your addiction recovery treatment. Prior authorization requires paperwork, phone calls, and the ability to navigate complex health insurance labyrinths. But we can and will help to make sure it gets done for you.

Changes Healing Center will help you get the prior authorization you need for substance abuse treatment. With permission in place to receive treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab, you can access care without worrying about what will or will not be covered.

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When you feel ready to get help for a substance use disorder, you need answers to ensure you can afford the treatment offered. Calling the number on the back of your card can lead you down a maze of customer service representatives and may not give you the answers you need. Instead, reach out to us at Changes Healing Center.

Our warm and welcoming admissions team can get the answers you need and set you up for success. We will walk you through what your insurance will cover and what your out-of-pocket spending will be. Plus, we get all of your paperwork in order for prior authorization from the health insurance company.

Only about one in four people will enter into drug rehab programs to get the care they need. Seize the momentum you already have in researching your insurance and reach out for help now. We are ready and waiting to help you secure a space at our treatment center, and support you every step of the way into lasting recovery!