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Everyone looking for mental health and addiction treatment has different needs. For many people, an intensive outpatient program (IOP) or another form of intensive treatment provided in an outpatient setting will be the right choice.

Inpatient treatment for mental health and substance abuse can be more expensive and is not always necessary for everyone seeking help for addiction. Still, that does mean people who do not need inpatient care or are unable to attend residential treatment will get all that they need from substance groups or once-weekly therapy. That’s where outpatient care comes in.

At Changes, our intensive outpatient programs provide comprehensive treatment without requiring you to live on-site at an addiction treatment center. Since IOP allows you to work, go to school, or take care of your family while getting treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, it can be an ideal alternative to a residential program.

IOP can also help clients continue their recovery journey and stay on track if they are transitioning out of a higher care level, such as a residential or partial hospitalization program. Yet another benefit of intensive support through an outpatient program is that you can apply treatment skills to your daily life in real time.

Changes Healing Center offers a full continuum of care, which lets all clients choose the right level of care for their needs. This includes both inpatient and outpatient services. So, what should you know about getting help at Changes?

Keep reading to learn all the ways we can help those seeking intensive outpatient treatment in Gilbert, including the different types of outpatient care offered at our treatment facility, how to get to Changes for outpatient therapy, what makes us unique, and sober activities to enjoy near Gilbert, AZ!

Our Outpatient Treatment Programs Near Gilbert, Arizona

Changes Healing Center’s full continuum of care includes several intensive outpatient programs. Our outpatient programs are available to clients with substance use disorders and, if applicable, co-occurring mental health disorders. For example, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or personality disorders.

We are a Joint Commission-accredited treatment center that works to address the underlying causes of addiction. Changes Healing Center’s programs provide the skills and tools necessary for people with a substance use disorder diagnosis to maintain lasting recovery, identify and prevent relapse, and continue making progress, even once treatment is over.

In addition to our outpatient drug rehab programs, we offer residential treatment and sub-acute medical detox services. The admissions team at Changes provides a free assessment to incoming or prospective clients, which can help you choose a starting level of care if needed.

Our partial hospitalization program (PHP) and intensive outpatient program (IOP) both have unique benefits. Here’s a little bit about what to expect in PHP and IOP for substance abuse at Changes Healing Center.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a highly structured type of outpatient treatment designed to provide intensive support. Clients in the partial hospitalization programs at Changes attend care five days per week, for six hours per day. This totals to about 30 hours per week, so you can expect a time commitment similar to that of a traditional work or school schedule.

In PHP, you’ll attend group therapy daily and will have individual therapy sessions once weekly alongside other treatments outlined in your individualized treatment plan. For example, medication management or family counseling. Mental health groups, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and CBT, process groups, and other types of groups or group therapy may all be part of your daily schedule.

As the most intensive form of outpatient treatment used for people with a mental illness or substance use disorder diagnosis, PHP can be an ideal alternative to our Arizona intensive outpatient programs (IOP) because it provides more structure and support. Accordingly, PHP is often preferred by those who are seeking outpatient programs as an alternative to inpatient care.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

In contrast to our partial hospitalization program, clients in our intensive outpatient program only attend treatment three days per week. Additionally, on each treatment day, you will only be at Changes for about three hours per day as a Gilbert IOP client. We offer both day and evening options for IOP clients, so you can choose the treatment schedule that fits your needs.

Due to the reduced time commitment and increase in flexibility, intensive outpatient programs can be ideal for those who need to tend to obligations such as work or school while in mental health or addiction treatment. While your overall time commitment will be lower than that of someone in PHP, your schedule will still include group therapy, individual therapy, and other treatment activities or services.

While intensive outpatient care can be a starting level of care, IOP can also help you transition out of a higher level of care, such as inpatient treatment or our partial hospitalization program. This is called a “step down” approach to treatment.

Step-down approaches are common in treatment for substance use and mental or behavioral health conditions because they ease the transition between structured, intensive services and life after treatment.   

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Getting to Changes Healing Center From Gilbert, AZ

Changes Healing Center is located in Phoenix, AZ, about a half hour away from Gilbert. You can get to Changes Healing Center from Gilbert by car in about 30 minutes or less if you take US 60 W. We are also accessible via AZ 202. As an alternative, some clients may opt to take public transit to get from Gilbert to Phoenix.

If you need a place to stay nearby while in outpatient treatment for substance abuse, we can help. Changes Healing Center partners with sober living facilities that are dedicated to providing a safe and substance-free space for clients.

Sober living can promote healing for those in outpatient care or who are otherwise recovering from addiction because of the community and accountability they provide. However, clients with suitable living arrangements can continue living at their current residence while in outpatient care.

This is another example of how the flexibility and customization of outpatient treatment programs like our Gilbert IOP provides can be a game-changer for many clients; unlike in inpatient care, you have control over your living arrangements.

What Makes Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Unique?

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Changes Healing Center is a Joint Commission-accredited drug and alcohol rehab with an extensive range of addiction recovery services. Our staff members use a combination of evidence-based therapies and services that use a holistic approach to help your mind, body, and spirit heal from addiction.

Clients in our outpatient services are able to access and benefit from the same therapies and treatments as those in our residential inpatient program. Evidence-based methods used to address mental health and substance abuse at Changes Healing Center include but aren’t limited to the following:

As you prepare to leave treatment at Changes Healing Center, we will help you build a personalized aftercare and relapse prevention plan. Aftercare planning is a vital part of addiction treatment and may include ongoing support through therapy, support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, and using our alumni support program post-treatment.

A Sampling of Sober Activities in Gilbert, Arizona

Sober Activities in Gilbert

As you work to overcome addiction and applicable co-occurring mental or behavioral health concerns, it is important to find new things to enjoy in life. Gilbert, AZ, and surrounding areas are full of fun sober activities that can enhance your daily life. You can explore downtown Gilbert or choose from a range of other substance-free activities.

Here are some indoor and outdoor sober activities in Gilbert to consider:

Gilbert is rich with libraries, entertainment options, fitness, art, or related classes, and other activities. Changes Healing Center will help you find new things to love and look forward to in outpatient treatment while promoting self-awareness and other skills critical to healing from a substance use disorder diagnosis and applicable co-occurring mental health conditions.

Get Support at Our Gilbert IOP Services

Support at Our Gilbert IOP Services

If you’re ready to learn more about our outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs near Gilbert, connect with the Changes today. Our staff members are here to help you book a tour of Changes Healing Center or answer your questions about getting treatment with us.

To get in touch with Changes, call the phone number on our website for a confidential discussion of our options to support lasting recovery!

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FAQs About Intensive Outpatient Programs Near Gilbert

How do I find substance groups in Gilbert, Arizona

 There are various support group options for people seeking substance abuse support groups in Gilbert.

Mental health groups and support groups for family members, such as Al-Anon, are also available in the Gilbert area.

What does the IOP do?

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) allows you to get treatment for addiction, dual diagnosis, or mental health disorders without living on-site at an addiction treatment center. IOPs for substance abuse issues usually include a combination of groups, individual therapy sessions, and other services (e.g., medication management).

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) has a similar purpose. However, the difference between the two is that PHP generally requires a higher time commitment. 

What does IOP stand for in behavioral health?

IOP stands for “intensive outpatient program.” Intensive outpatient programs have a time commitment between partial hospitalization programs and standard, non-intensive outpatient treatment programs. While IOP schedules are more flexible than inpatient treatment or that of a partial hospitalization program, they offer structured support and treatment throughout the week for those overcoming substance abuse or mental health concerns.


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