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Getting Treatment Covered as a Federal Employee or Loved One

If you’re a federal employee needing alcohol or drug rehab, GEHA health plans may have you covered. Making heads or tails of health insurance and treatment options can be overwhelming. That’s especially true when you’re distracted by substance abuse or drug addiction.

Changes Healing Center in Phoenix, Arizona, is a Joint Commission-accredited recovery center where you can take advantage of the many GEHA benefits. Our skilled team specializes in crafting individualized treatment programs tailored to satisfy the needs of every client.

If you or your immediate family are looking for addiction treatment support using GEHA health insurance, you have found an effective destination.

Our treatment center offers a tranquil and healing environment. Our Phoenix location is outstanding for addressing drug and alcohol addiction. We place a strong emphasis on holistic recovery. Service offerings are comprehensive. We have everything you could need, with intensive outpatient programs, family therapy, and aftercare services.

Read on to learn how we can help you or someone you love in beating a drug or alcohol addiction, and please reach out by phone to get help at Changes using GEHA at any time!

Insurance Companies Must Cover Substance Abuse Treatment

The mandate for insurance companies to cover addiction treatment and all related services stems from legislative changes in the United States. The shift towards these additional services came out of an increased recognition of the significance of mental well-being. It also grew when entire communities started to see the large-scale toll of substance abuse.

GEHA, shortened from the Government Employees’ Health Association, provides excellent coverage for federal employees and their families. In addition to drug and alcohol addiction treatment services, you can also access behavioral services such as ongoing therapy and support following graduation from our programs.

The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008

A pivotal moment in substance abuse coverage mandates came when the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA)was signed into law in 2008. This act demanded that insurance plans with mental illness or substance use disorder coverages provide treatments that were no more restrictive than those for medical or surgical care.

The MHPAEA was necessary due to long-held disparities in how health insurance covered mental health and substance abuse treatment compared to physical health conditions.

Insurance Companies Must Cover Substance Abuse Treatment

The Affordable Care Act’s Expansion

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) – which some call Obamacare – passed in 2010. The law further expanded MHPAEA protections. It counted substance use disorder treatment services among the ten essential health benefits that all plans in the Health Insurance Marketplace must cover. This mandate meant that these services became accessible to more people. As a result, it made sure more individuals could receive the treatment they needed without facing prohibitive costs.

The requirements that insurance companies cover substance abuse and mental health treatment were a tacit admission of the severity of these concerns. Substance abuse and mental disorders are often interlinked. Therefore, treatment for both is essential for individuals’ general health and a productive life. Mandating coverage, these laws recognized that mental well-being is as important as physical health. It’s also an admission that people with these issues deserve access to the care they need.

Comprehensive Coverage for Holistic Health

A wide-sweeping approach to insurance coverage is vital for better health. It ensures that individuals can seek substance abuse treatment (and help for other related conditions) without fear of financial burden or lack of coverage. It also encourages a more integrated approach to healthcare, where discussing mental illness is not stigmatized. That leads to honest conversations and better overall health outcomes.

Including substance abuse treatment programs in insurance coverage is a significant step forward in healthcare. It supports individuals struggling with these issues and represents a broader shift towards a more inclusive and equitable healthcare system.

Up To 100% Rehab Coverage By InsuranceThe Advantages of Government Employees Health Association (GEHA) Insurance

GEHA coverage is incredibly advantageous for federal employees and their families. This insurance coverage provides access to rehab services to help them have a healthy life.

GEHA Plans Cover Many Behavioral Health Services

GEHA insurance covers behavioral health services, a critical factor for those seeking help with substance use and mental illnesses. With GEHA health plans, clients gain access to individual therapy sessions, group therapy, and support groups, all of which are integral to recovery.

These services can help manage the underlying causes of behavioral health challenges. Our holistic approach ensures that all clients receive the help required for long-term sobriety.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab: GEHA Coverage for Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

GEHA health plans cover a comprehensive range of drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs. The plan includes options for inpatient and outpatient treatment services and covering aftercare programs. Thus, it allows clients to receive the care that best suits their needs.

For drug abuse or alcohol addiction programs in Arizona, GEHA coverage covers treatment options from detox services to rehabilitation treatment and partial hospitalization programs.

GEHA Insurance and Mental Health Disorder Treatment

Mental health is a crucial piece of your all-around health, and GEHA health plans recognize this by providing coverage for mental health services. That includes care for mental health concerns, from individualized treatment plans to family therapy and intensive outpatient programs.

GEHA And Most Insurances Accepted For Treatment.

What Type of Treatment Program Will GEHA Plans Cover?

When you are ready to get drug or alcohol treatment, it’s important first to understand every treatment facility offering. In the next sections, you can learn about the specifics of three key services. You will see how each plays a critical role in recovery.

Inpatient Treatment and Rehab Services

Inpatient treatment is one of the most often utilized addiction treatment programs. Your GEHA insurance plan may cover an inpatient rehab option. In this scenario, you stay at a drug or alcohol treatment center, like Changes Healing Center. For how long? That can vary, but it depends on your needs and the specifics of your GEHA plan.

Inpatient treatment centers provide a structured environment for the best recovery. It also means round-the-clock medical care and support.

This setting is particularly beneficial for individuals who require intensive care and a steady environment to overpower the strongest cases of substance use disorders. Inpatient programs often include a combination of medical detox, therapy sessions, group counseling, and other treatments.

Outpatient Services at our Treatment Center

Outpatient Services at our Treatment Center

Outpatient services give you a more flexible approach to treatment. It will allow you to stick with your daily routines while receiving care. Outpatient treatment is best for clients who have completed an inpatient program or whose condition allows them to stay home overnight during treatment.

Outpatient programs at Changes Healing Center include regular therapy sessions, group counseling, and continuous support. These programs provide ongoing support and care. They also help clients merge the skills discovered in treatment into their everyday lives.

Partial Hospitalization Programs at Our Drug Rehab Facility

Our partial hospitalization programs at Changes (also known as PHPs) balance inpatient and outpatient services. This scenario is a middle ground for those who need more support than traditional outpatient care but less than full-time inpatient treatment.

GEHA plans often cover PHP as part of their sweeping approach to substance abuse treatment programs. Clients spend several hours per day in a PHP at Changes Healing Center. They join intensive therapy and rehabilitation activities for a high level of care and support. However, these clients also have the flexibility to return home in the evenings. This balanced option is necessary for those who need recovery but must balance their family and daily life.

This type of program is also beneficial for those transitioning from inpatient treatment or those requiring a more structured treatment approach than standard outpatient services.

Up To 100% Rehab Coverage By GEHA

Free and Fast Verification of Your GEHA Rehab Coverage

Confirming your GEHA rehab coverage is crucial in opening up a pathway to recovery. At Changes Healing Center, we understand the importance of confidentiality and ease in this process.

We assure you that verifying your insurance coverage is free and handled with the utmost regard for your privacy.

Step 1: Initial Contact with Our Health Insurance Experts

The first step in verifying your GEHA rehab coverage is to make an initial contact with our team. During this initial interaction, you will be asked to provide basic information.

The details we collect will include your full name, date of birth, and GEHA health plan details. This step will be as stress-free as possible.

Step 2: Gathering the Necessary GEHA Coverage Information

Once our first contact has been made, our team will gather all the necessary information to proceed with the insurance confirmation process. The necessary information includes details about your GEHA health plan, such as your policy number and coverage level.

We may also discuss your specific needs and preferences regarding treatment to ensure that we check for coverage that aligns with your requirements.

Step 3: Confidential Verification Process

Our experienced staff will then conduct a confidential verification process with GEHA. Our team will immediately contact GEHA to inquire about your coverage details.

We handle all communication with discretion and professionalism, ensuring your personal information remains confidential. This step is crucial for understanding the scope of your coverage, including what therapies and services are covered under your plan.

Step 4: Clear Explanation of Coverage

Explaining Rehab Coverage

After confirming your coverage, our team will clearly and thoroughly explain what your GEHA health plan covers. We go over the details of covered treatments, any out-of-pocket costs you should expect, and any time limits on the coverage.

We are transparent and will give you this information in a way that is easy to understand. Our goal is that you have a clear picture of your benefits.

Step 5: Next Steps for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Finally, we will guide you toward the next steps needed to start your recovery. We’ll discuss all available treatment options. We will schedule your rehab intake. We’ll also answer any last questions about the treatment process. Our team will support you every step of the way.

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