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What to Look for When Seeking Sober Living Facilities in AZ

Finding the right sober living home in AZ can be a wise choice for anyone who needs support while overcoming drug addiction or alcohol abuse. In light of the recent sober living Arizona scandals by fraudulent actors, it’s more important than ever before to find a reputable, trustworthy recovery community for yourself or your loved one.

With this scandal fresh in the minds of many in Arizona, Changes Healing Center offers you this resource on sober living facilities in Arizona. We will give you the information about how to find the right support during the recovery process.

Keep reading to learn more about how to spot the “good” sober living homes from those that commit fraud, and remember Changes offers Joint Commission-accredited and reputable services at every level of care to support a clean and sober lifestyle in Arizona!

Recent Sober Living Home Scandals in Arizona and Criminal Fraud

Let’s directly address an enormous elephant in the room. We are hearing many legitimate concerns and questions, mainly because state law left many loopholes in the existing licensing regulations.

While the state legislature recognizes the importance of sober living facilities, the Arizona Department of Health Services is still reeling.

The world watched the damage done to families who need access to treatment but don’t want to be an unintended participant.

The scandal started when unlicensed actors billed the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) for millions of dollars for services they had never provided, especially through the American Indian Health Program.

But while the house billed for many addiction services, they provided few resources to the men and women in the facility, if any at all.

Sober Living Homes

An At-Risk Population Being Taken Advantage Of

The scheme often preyed on at-risk people, like the homeless, who usually qualify for AHCCCS or AIHP.

Operators enticed them by offering free food, services, recovery, and a safe living environment. But the site would never deliver on these promises.

This disreputable “business model” defrauded the AZ healthcare system. And even worse, they harmed AZ residents who were ready to commit to drug and alcohol addiction rehab services.

The scam unfolded across the state, even in small communities like Prescott and Flagstaff. However, the fraud was especially found in Maricopa County, including Phoenix and Mesa.

This practice also occurred in Pima County and Tucson.

Each city has a higher concentration of sober living programs, allowing the fraudulent person to blend in as they take advantage of at-risk people.

Knowing that such operators exist in Arizona, substance abuse clients must look carefully at a sober living home before making a final commitment or deciding which one is the best fit.

The Vital Role of Sober Living Homes in Arizona

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Sober living homes provide essential services and safety during outpatient rehab centers or aftercare. They are a necessary program for countless individuals in Phoenix, AZ, and throughout the state.

For those without a stable living situation, they’re vital when someone must seek drug and alcohol recovery options following addiction treatment in Arizona.

Most people start their stay in sober living after completing detox. Once they’ve removed the chemical influences from their bodies, they are at a vulnerable place in life.

Sober living after detox is a good, supportive environment to help avoid relapse.

Many will stay in a sober living setting throughout recovery, until they have a stable aftercare program to transition back to school, work, and life.

How to Vet Sober Living Facilities Thoroughly

A quick education on distinguishing a good group home from a fraudulent one can make a difference in your selection. Here are some steps you can take to ensure you make a wise decision:

Check the Sober Living Home Location on Google Maps

Checking Sober Living Home Location on Google Maps

Start with a simple yet effective free resource: pop the house address into Google Maps. The display you land on can give you a sense of the neighborhood and city safety.

Look for signs of a well-maintained, safe, and supportive environment.

A reputable facility will likely be in a stable area; many are located in residential neighborhoods. The house may be located near medical facilities and well-maintained business or shopping centers.

The presence of a thriving city around it often indicates a stable environment.

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Consult the Comprehensive List Offered by the Arizona Recovery Housing Association

Many of the best group home operators join the Arizona Recovery Housing Association, which serves individuals in AZ by accrediting sober living homes throughout the state.

Member homes meet strict standards and practice ethically despite the lack of clarity in state and city law.

ARHA lists member facilities on its website, helping individuals who need guidance find recovery home options.

Visit the Recovery Home Before You Commit to a Sober Living Home

Before you commit, visit the sober living house for yourself. Look at the living conditions. Make sure you fully understand the rules and living conditions of the space.

Inquire about whether they are ARHA members and if they have had recent state violations. Ask about community regulations and consider the overall environment.

Does the house suit your life and sobriety? Do they appear to practice ethically?

If your gut instinct tells you, “no,” then move forward and contact the next sober living setting.

Don’t be afraid to ask hard questions.

Check With Your Treatment Provider for a Referral

Most treatment centers have clients attending outpatient treatment while visiting the area from another city.

Many make a provision that allows those individuals to live in a group setting at night and focus on recovery during the day.

These sober living homes are directly part of the treatment facility. However, the local rehab is often a good starting point.

They may have a referral program for their clients, working with those sober living homes with proper business licensing or follow fair practices.

If you need a sober living facility near Changes Healing Center, connect with us. We can point you in the right direction in our city as well as in many communities across Maricopa and the state as a whole.

Understanding the Levels of Sober Living

Levels of Sober Living

Like substance abuse rehab centers, sober living options can vary in terms of available space, costs, and amenities.

Structured Sober Living House for a More Intense Program

Some facilities offer more structure. They may also provide transportation to rehab, medical appointments, job. They’ll also likely observe strict routines and quiet hours.

They leave no stone unturned in helping you avoid relapse.

These can come at a higher cost, but they are ideal for those who need the most support after detox.

Less Structured Sober Living House for Those Who Need More Flexibility in Life

Those who need a more flexible program to maintain their day-to-day business (school, work, medical appointments), may prefer the less intensive nature of a less structured program.

These locations have nice accommodations with fewer rules or direct oversight. It’s a great way to transition into aftercare.

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Our goal is to ensure you have all the information you need to make the important decision to attend rehab and reclaim your life from your drug of choice.

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