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Our Accredited Treatment Center Accepts AIHP In-Network

Let’s start with a reassurance: for those with the American Indian Health Program, AIHP, rehab costs are covered, often in full. The services provided for you or your loved one include recovery from substance abuse, mental illness, or behavioral management for Native Americans.

In Arizona, the AIHP is on a mission to see that American Indians receive equal health services, including addiction treatment. The program is a collaborative effort between Arizona’s Health and Human Services and the Indian Health Service.

At Changes Healing Center, we recognize that Native Americans – both here in Arizona and across North America – have historically faced a shortage of healthcare providers. Almost every tribally-owned facility lacks funding, leaving mental health challenges largely unmet.

Please read on to learn how to get AIHP-approved rehab at our Phoenix addiction recovery center and get the inpatient and outpatient support you or your loved one need and deserve!

American Indian Health Plan: Getting AIHP Alcohol Detox and More

AIHP insurance plans provide services that cover alcohol and drug rehab and more for enrolled members. With your coverage, you may qualify for extensive care for a chronic mental illness.

AIHP is interconnected with the AHCCCS Complete Care Plans. Together, they provide services to Native American residents in Arizona. Funding comes partly from the United States Department of Health and Human Services via Federal Block Grants.

AIHP ensures that members receive a comprehensive range of medically necessary services in a culturally appropriate manner.

AIHP Alcohol Detox

Substance Abuse Services Covered by the American Indian Health Program

For enrolled members struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, Native American health insurance can assist with many mental and behavioral health care. You can receive the treatment you need at our AHCCCS registered facility in partnership with the Indian Health Service:

Whether you or your loved one struggles with drug abuse or alcoholism, help is available through AIHP.

Changes Helps With Insurance Pre-Authorization at Our AIHP Rehab Programs

If you are ready to start a rehab program or seek mental health services, the admissions team at Changes can help you navigate your insurance program. We have helped numerous American Indian clients take the first steps on a path to a new, clean, and sober life.

We know that calling the insurance company about addiction treatment services can feel overwhelming, or even triggering for anyone with a substance use disorder. We take that pressure off of you. All you must do to receive help with American Indian Health Program benefits is to reach out to us today.

Get Effective Detox and Rehab Options at Changes

Being Prepared for an Assessment

When you call, we will ask you for your address, phone number, date of birth, and the information from the back of your American Indian Health Plan card. We’ll also ask about your current physical symptoms and your history of substance abuse. Explaining your past addiction treatment efforts can help us leverage your lived experiences to obtain the highest levels of care and services.

Many factors go into AIHP determinations, and we know how to explain your story to them in their language. The call to get your treatment center pre-authorization from the American Indian Health Plan is confidential.

What to Expect at Our Mental Health and Drug Rehab Center

Mental Health and Drug Rehab at Changes Healing

Some indigenous people hesitate to seek help for substance abuse or mental illnesses. Past Native American clients have expressed why they waited so long to receive professional behavioral health care. Here are two key reasons that may resonate with you:

Put Aside Distrust of Public Health Services or Medical Systems: Changes is Dedicated to Your Recovery Success

Public health services and Western medical systems have often marginalized Native American communities. This lack of trustworthiness has led many to avoid healthcare services, especially mental health treatment, until treatment becomes unavoidable. The lack of treatment has caused disparities in American Indian health outcomes.

Meet Kaya, Who Chose the Partial Care Treatment Center

Kaya, a past Changes success story, struggled with abusing marijuana. She went about her everyday life with nobody noticing her substance use. Marijuana was soon not potent enough, and she switched to heroin. It soon controlled her life, and everyone in her community could see that she had deep issues.

After seeing Kaya’s addiction getting out of control, her grandmother urged her to get treatment. At Changes, the counselors discovered Kaya had a deep-seated fear of doctors due to her mother’s premature death, the result of a missed cancer diagnosis. The loss of her mother had done great harm, leading to stress and trauma, which Kaya numbed with marijuana and later heroin. Getting to the root cause of her addictive behaviors – that trauma – was a turning point in Kaya’s treatment plan.

Kaya also took great comfort in group therapy, where she learned that many others in her intensive outpatient program also struggled with trauma.

Kaya has since graduated from her intensive outpatient program; she is thriving. The high-intensity programs at Changes have helped her resolve her trauma. She plans to continue to build new life skills and continue the growth trajectory.

The Cultural Stigma of Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Tribal Communities

Overcome Stigma Through Inpatient Treatment

Mental illnesses and drug or alcohol addiction issues can carry a stigma within many tribal cultures. Traditional values may emphasize resilience and strength – traits that have sustained their people through centuries of historical trauma. Many refuse to consider treatment services, as they may believe that it makes them appear weak.

Meet Ash, Who Overcame Stigma and Chose Inpatient Treatment

Ash, another past client, enrolled in our inpatient programs after years of reluctance to seek help for a substance use disorder. Like many American Indians, his parents raised him to be courageous and strong. Ash never imagined he would need inpatient rehab.

He had started using methamphetamines and alcohol to counteract his feelings of depression. Over the next year, the addiction became evident to everyone in his community. He had changes in his physical appearance, tremors when he couldn’t buy meth, and he left the care of his children to his mother.

When he learned that the American Indian Health Plan coverage allowed him to attend the inpatient program at Changes confidentially, he took the bus to Phoenix. During his 30 days of inpatient care, Ash learned that he had chronic depression. After a reasonably comfortable medical detox, Ash went to behavioral health therapies and inpatient counseling, learning the life skills to manage depression holistically while overcoming alcoholism and meth addiction.

Ash is now back home with his family. He still does not discuss his time in treatment, except with his immediate family members. Although he does things in his very quiet, calm way, Ash also started educational groups for children in his community to learn how to avoid trouble with alcohol or drugs.

What We Treat at Changes Healing Center

Addiction Treatment at Changes Healing Center

Our treatment programs in Phoenix, Arizona, cover a range of mental and substance use disorders, including:

If you have coverage through the American Indian Health Program, your health insurance is in-network at Changes.

Up To 100% Rehab Costs Covered By AIHP

Get Accredited Treatment at Changes Using AIHP Today

Those with American Indian Health Program benefits in Arizona are eligible for in-network treatment. Whether you or a loved one struggles with drugs or alcohol, we can assist with recovery services. We are proud to serve the Native American community and will work with you for lasting sobriety.

Give us a call today. All calls are confidential, so please reach out in confidence to get options now!

Why Changes Healing Center?

The mission of the CHC family is to assist in any way possible our client’s desire to achieve and maintain a life of long-term sobriety.

We are a licensed drug rehab in Phoenix, AZ, with substance abuse and Arizona alcohol rehab programs.

Our Programs serve Maricopa County and the surrounding cities and regions with evidence-based behavioral healthcare provided by individuals passionate about recovery.

We are JCAHO accredited for addiction treatment by the Joint Commission and strive to continuously improve our offerings and make treatment more accessible for all in need.

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