Intensive Outpatient Program for Glendale AZ

Getting Help Convenient to the West Valley at Changes Healing

Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) help bridge the gap between inpatient treatment and returning to your life. At our intensive outpatient program, Glendale, AZ residents can easily find the support they need for recovery.

Changes Healing Center is just over 10 miles away from Glendale and clients can take W. Grand Avenue and be there in about 20 minutes.

Whether you are struggling with mental health issues or battling addiction, there’s no reason to limit your treatment options because of distance. The accessibility of our treatment center makes it easier for clients to get the help they need for lasting recovery.

If you or a loved one are struggling in the West Valley or anywhere in Maricopa County, keep reading to learn more about what makes our IOP so compelling!

What Convenient Access to Our Intensive Outpatient Program Can Do for You

There are a lot of reasons young adults (and older ones too) might struggle with attending an intensive outpatient program, transportation being one of them. You might not have a vehicle or you may have gotten in legal trouble that prevents you from driving. Not everyone has family that can help.

Either way, our convenient location means that residents in Glendale, Scottsdale, and the surrounding areas can get the treatment they need at our Arizona treatment facility.

Whether you are struggling with addiction or mental health issues, or both, it’s time to take control of your life today. Our intensive outpatient program focuses on helping clients develop the skills they need to lead a productive and successful life.

This includes things like challenging negative thinking patterns with counseling, building healthy coping skills, improving social skills, and much more.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Treating Addiction at Our Facility

For people facing active addiction, there is no reason for recovery to be harder than it already is. We offer intensive outpatient treatment at a convenient Arizona location that allows us to service residents of Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, and other nearby areas.

During residential treatment, our professionals can prescribe medication as needed to manage symptoms of withdrawal. This is done while clients attend individual and group therapy, as well as other programs throughout the day. Family therapy may also be recommended as part of an IOP program.

Following inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient programs give extra support as you transition back into life.

Our clients often find the IOP program at Changes bridges the gap between total support and just attending therapy or groups a few times a week. This type of support sets participating clients up for success, and we have seen it support our graduates in lasting recovery time and time again.

Mental Health Issues We Treat at Our Glendale IOP

Our expert team of trained therapists, counselors, and other medical professionals also handle our client’s mental health concerns. This might include medication management, individual therapy or counseling, group therapy, or other programs that help build life skills and confidence. All these things are part of being the most healthy version of yourself.

Among the mental health issues we treat are depression, post traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety, eating disorders, and many more. No matter what mental battles our clients have, our program gives them hope that they can return to their normal day-to-day lives.

As you transition from residential treatment to outpatient services, our intensive outpatient program provides extra support. Whether you’re battling depression or other mental health issues, adults typically find this added support makes the transition to their lives easier. As they learn to apply the information they’ve learned through treatment, it makes a drastic difference in the quality of their lives.

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Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders During IOP

A major problem with some treatment centers is that they focus solely on addiction or mental health disorders, not both. Unfortunately, co-occurring disorders are not uncommon. People with addiction may have underlying mental health issues or unresolved trauma that pushes them to use drugs or alcohol.

Additionally, individuals with mental health struggles may turn to drugs or alcohol to self-treat their symptoms. At Changes, we offer treatment for one or both of these struggles, ensuring that you get the total care that you need to improve the quality of your life.

What is the Difference Between Intensive Outpatient Programs and Partial Hospitalization Programs?

Partial Hospitalization Program

The big difference between an intensive outpatient program (IOP) and a partial hospitalization program (PHP) is the hours spent at our facility. While we adapt the program to each client’s unique needs, IOPs typically last 2-5 hours each day. This is a big time commitment, particularly for parents or adults who might be worried about their job or school obligations.

By being flexible, our team can work around your life and help you return to your normal routine sooner. This is made even easier by the convenient access to our facility for residents of Phoenix, Glendale, and other Arizona cities.

Deciding if Partial Hospitalization is Needed

In cases where spending a few hours each day isn’t enough, partial hospitalization programs may be considered. A PHP involves longer hours of treatment and is more intensive than IOP, but they are still an outpatient program. Individuals participating attend these programs during the day and then go home to sleep at night.

However, some people find that extra support is necessary for long-term recovery, particularly for people who don’t have support from parents, friends, and other family members.

What Our Joint Commission Accreditation Means

Clients can be assured that Changes is Joint Commission accredited, meaning the Joint Commission has assessed our program to their standards. Accreditation holds facilities like ours to a certain standard of accountability when it comes to treatment.

This ensures that our Arizona IOP offering continues to provide compassionate and effective treatment to those struggling with substance use or mental health. It also means that we take our JCAHO accreditation seriously, and are pledged to ongoing and continuous improvement in all our offerings.

Finding the Right Treatment Program at Changes

Individual Therapy Session

While we offer intensive outpatient programs that provide support for substance use or mental health conditions, we realize that the same treatment plan won’t work for everyone. At Changes Healing Center, our only goal is helping our clients recover, no matter what that might look like. We also understand that some of our clients are parents, might attend school, or may need to return to work.

Our staff works around the clock to ensure each client gets the care that they need on their schedule!

Often, the right treatment involves working with therapists in group therapy and individual therapy. We also use a holistic approach to the healing process from substance use, depression, or other conditions.

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What is a Holistic Approach to Treatment?

Essentially, holistic therapy involves treating the person as a whole, including their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. It might involve activities like mindfulness, yoga, or tai chi that promote connectedness in the body and mind and promote a stronger sense of self.

Many people also find that dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) helps alter behaviors that accompany mental illness or substance use. During cognitive and dialectical behavior therapy at Changes, you’ll learn how to challenge the thinking patterns that drive your behaviors. This helps you overcome behavior patterns and cope with stress better.

How IOP Can Help You Ease Back into Life

IOP Can Help You Ease Back into Life

Intensive outpatient programs exist to smooth the transition between inpatient care and returning to school, work, and day-to-day life. IOP provides important information regarding coping skills and how to use them.

Clients also typically learn how to develop and maintain healthy relationships with family and friends and how to manage stress more effectively than when using drugs and/or alcohol to cope.

An Intensive Outpatient Program for Glendale Residents That Works

At Changes Healing Center, our main goal is to craft a treatment plan that works for you, so you can get back to the best possible version of yourself again. The truth is, you often don’t have that strong sense of self when you are struggling with substance use or mental health conditions. This creates a lot of extra problems and makes it hard to manage responsibilities and maintain family relationships.

Contact us today to set up an intake appointment and discuss your options regarding IOP, counseling, or another course of treatment. During this appointment, a member of our staff will discuss the treatment process and ensure we are on the same page when it comes to approaching counseling and other programs.

After IOP: Getting Back to Your Life

Even after you’ve graduated from IOP or other programs, we’ll help you set up the support you need to continue your path to success. Our staff can help you find counseling or therapy in your local area or you can continue seeing therapists at our center.

We also offer Telehealth visits, which allow you to visit with providers for medication services or even individual therapy over a phone or video call. This program is just one example of how our services are tailored to meet each client’s needs.

Getting to Phoenix from Glendale

Getting to Phoenix from Glendale

Recovery is hard enough on its own without worrying about how you’re going to make it to your treatment program. Fortunately, Glendale, Arizona has public transportation with Valley Metro. Even for individuals without a car, there is an option to climb on the regular bus route and ride to near your appointment.

There’s also the option for dial-a-ride, which is only $5 for regular riders. With options like these, even not having regular access to a vehicle won’t get in the way of overcoming addiction or mental health issues with our convenient support!

AHCCCS and Most Insurance Accepted for treatment.

Begin IOP Treatment at Changes Healing Center Today!

Access to treatment is a major obstacle when battling mental illness or struggling with addiction. For people in Glendale, treatment at Changes Healing Center is a little over 20 minutes away at most! Even if you don’t have a car, Arizona has public transportation options that make it easy for you to get the help that you need, and Changes is accessible for the West Valley as a whole.

You shouldn’t have to settle for lower-quality care because you can’t access a treatment facility. Contact us today to take advantage of our convenient location and start on the road to lasting recovery with our help and support now!