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Getting Accredited Addiction Treatment Using Optum at Changes

Seeking recovery resources is a commendable and courageous decision. Recognizing that you need help and asking for it is one of the bravest things you’ll ever do. It’s typical to feel uncertain about where to start. But rest assured, you do not need to face rehab alone. Every person who has decided to seek help has faced this very crossroad. Are you or a loved one ready to seek help at a treatment center for alcohol or substance use? Before you land on the perfect place to go, you need to research the benefits and affordability of the programs covered by your Optum health insurance.

What features do Optum drug rehabs have that can help you heal and maintain sobriety?

Changes Healing Center is a leader in addiction treatment, offering evidence-based care at an affordable rate regardless of your insurance coverage. There are multiple options for treatment ranging from inpatient treatment to partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs.

Keep reading to learn more about using Optum at Changes, and reach out to us at any time to learn more about your exact coverage details with a quick and confidential insurance verification!

Does Optum Insurance Cover Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment?

If you are ready to seek help for your substance use disorder or a mental health concern, you might be wondering whether Optum insurance is going to help cover the cost. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about whether your insurance will cover your treatment.

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), all of the major health insurance companies are required to cover substance use to some degree. Substance abuse is treated the same way as many other physical or mental health ailments. Insurance coverage for medical or surgical conditions is equally applied to the realm of substance abuse as well.

Because of this change in addiction treatment coverage, you can rest assured that Optum insurance may partially cover the cost of your stay. In some instances, it could even cover the full cost of your treatment. Remember you can reach out to Changes Healing Center for confidential insurance verification to see what Optum insurance will cover to get the help you need at any time!

Mental Health Treatment

What Should Your Treatment Center Offer? 5 Signs You’re Ready for Substance Abuse Treatment

Whether you have Optum insurance coverage or not, you need to make sure that your treatment center caters to your real needs. It should consider your mental health as well as substance abuse. Here at Changes, we pride ourselves on the different levels of treatment you can enroll in.

Medication-Assisted Treatment and Medical Detox

Many people cannot simply jump right into an inpatient treatment program because they need help in the early days of their sobriety. Detoxing from substance use can be dangerous and challenging to do completely on your own. Changes Healing Center offers another option that can make you comfortable and safe.

A medical detox allows you to come down from substances under the watchful eye of our medical staff. If you are going to experience seizures or other severe withdrawal symptoms, we will be able to catch them early and offer a supportive environment.

Plus, you will have access to 24/7 care if you need to talk or work through something.

We can also make you significantly more at ease during your detox with medication-assisted treatment. We can prescribe medications that will minimize the side effects of withdrawal, keep you comfortable, and make this a more pleasant experience for you.

The Importance of Inpatient Treatment

When it comes to your treatment, inpatient tends to be the gold standard of care for substance abuse. According to the literature, inpatient treatment followed by six months of outpatient treatment leads to greater degrees of abstinence from drug and alcohol use in the early stages of sobriety.

Enrolling in our inpatient addiction treatment gives you around-the-clock access to care when you need it the most. You will participate in individual therapy, group therapy, therapy with your family members, and more. Instead of being tempted by drug and alcohol use outside the facility, you are safe from the temptation to use substances again.

While it can be quite intense, inpatient treatment does not typically last more than 90 days. Once you complete your stay in our residential treatment center, you will segue into partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient programs.

Partial Hospitalization with an Optum Health Insurance Plan

Partial Hospitalization

Changes Healing Center recognizes that inpatient may not be right for everyone or you may need to transition to a lower level of care before being released to your daily life and routines. Instead of transitioning to home right away, partial hospitalization helps to fill the gap.

You get intensive services for your substance abuse and mental health without the 24/7 assistance received in inpatient. Spend several days each week at our treatment facility, attending therapy and support groups. The benefit is that you get to go home to your family and to sleep in your own bed nightly.

Changes Healing Center can work with your Optum health insurance to see if you could benefit from this level of care.

Step Down to Intensive Outpatient Programs

Some people who want addiction treatment may want the least restrictive option that they can get with their Optum health insurance. To this end, an intensive outpatient program at Changes may be the right next step for addiction treatment. This still offers more support than regular outpatient treatment, and it is a great stepping stone to return to your everyday life.

At Changes Healing Center, you will participate in a minimum of nine hours of therapy each week. Between each session, you are free to come and go. This allows you to explore the beauty of Arizona, spend time with loved ones, and practice what you are learning during treatment.

Optum And Most Insurances Accepted For Treatment.

Accreditation Matters for Optum Drug Rehabs and Alcohol Rehabs

Of course, there has to be a standard of care in our treatment center when it comes to behavioral health services. Changes Healing Center is proud to be a Joint Commission-accredited facility, meaning that we uphold the highest standard of care for each of our patients.

The Joint Commission sets standards for care and evaluates how facilities measure up when it comes to mental health services. Their goal is to ensure that every facility offers safe and high-quality care to the clients who come through the door. When searching for a facility that accepts Optum health insurance, be sure to look for this standard of care.

Whether you are enrolled in inpatient treatment or decide to opt for a different level of care like partial hospitalization programs, seek out facilities with this accreditation. It ensures that you are receiving an impressive standard of care at a drug rehab or alcohol rehab facility.

Eligibility for Addiction Treatment with Optum Insurance

Eligibility for Addiction Treatment with Optum Insurance

How do you know if you are eligible for treatment with Optum health insurance plans? There are a few guidelines you should be aware of before seeking help. While Changes Healing Center can give you the personalized assistance you need to see how affordable we are, these criteria can help you determine what level of treatment is right for you.

The insurance company is going to be looking to see if you can safely manage your drug or alcohol rehab treatment at a lower level of care. In other words, can you remain safe while you detox and encounter the early days of sobriety? Those who would benefit from intensive services are often approved for residential treatment options.

Of course, they also want to ensure that you are taking advantage of the healthcare services any one provider has to offer. The understanding is that you will faithfully attend your appointments and every session of your structured program.

Up To 100% Rehab Coverage By Optum Insurance

Understanding Your Optum Health Insurance Plans

Before you seek drug or alcohol addiction treatment, it is important to understand the insurance plan you have. Look over your documents from when you selected your plan and note what the details are regarding coverage. Namely, you want to look at both the deductible and the out-of-pocket maximum.

The deductible is the amount you will be required to pay upfront before your health insurance plan kicks in to cover the cost. This varies depending on which specific plan you are on. It could be a few hundred dollars or thousands of dollars, depending on whether you are on a high-deductible health plan.

You should also pay attention to the out-of-pocket maximum. This is the most you will ever spend on your healthcare each calendar year. Once you hit this threshold, insurance typically covers the full cost of any remaining treatment options. Keep in mind that they will only reimburse you for covered services, but substance abuse treatment should be covered at least in part by Optum insurance.

How Much Does Optum Health Insurance Cover?

Healthcare Cost

Before you enroll in a rehab center for your substance use disorder, you need to ensure that your Optum insurance company is going to foot the bill. Many people wonder exactly what the out-of-pocket cost will be after seeking treatment. Unfortunately, there are no one-size-fits-all answers for the bottom line.

In part, your coverage will depend on the specific Optum insurance plan you have. There are several different types, each with their degree of coverage for substance use disorders. While the Affordable Care Act mandates coverage, it does not necessarily guarantee full coverage.

Other factors that can influence your drug or alcohol addiction treatment costs include:

  • Location of the facility you select and their network status with Optum insurance
  • Type of treatment you are seeking (inpatient, partial hospitalization, or intensive outpatient)
  • Length of time you intend to be in treatment
  • Amenities offered by your alcohol or drug rehab centers

You do not necessarily need to select in-network providers to receive treatment services through Optum insurance coverage. Substance abuse treatment will be covered to some degree at just about any facility. Once you determine that you are eligible for the benefits under your Optum plans, you will need to locate a treatment provider.

This is where Changes Healing Center can help.

Get Accredited Treatment Programs Now At Changes!

Does Changes Healing Center Take Optum Insurance?

Do you feel ready to take the next big leap and enter into treatment for your substance abuse or mental health services? Out-of-pocket costs for any rehab center can be quite expensive, so it’s important to be able to leverage your insurance coverage to its fullest.

The good news is Changes Healing Center is committed to making treatment accessible to as many people as possible.

Our facilities accept most insurance providers and plans for treatment and will work with your private health insurance plans. Even if we are out-of-network for your specific plan, we can help you find an affordable solution to seek treatment for your drug and alcohol use. Insurance coverage should never be the thing that holds you back from the treatment you truly need.

Reach Out Now for Proven Programs Using Optum at Changes

Reach Out Now for Proven Programs Using Optum

How do you know if your Optum insurance is going to cover the cost of your treatment with us at Changes Healing Center? The easiest and fastest way to ensure insurance coverage for your substance abuse or mental health is to reach out to our friendly admissions staff.

We can give you a same-day answer that lets you know exactly what your Optum insurance will cover. It is quick, easy, and completely confidential. There is never any pressure from our team to commit to our services, but we are always here to support you and provide high-quality treatment services.

Don’t wait another day to get the help you need to stay sober from drug and alcohol use. Changes Healing Center offers a robust treatment plan that caters to every one of your needs. Contact us today to see how affordable addiction treatment can be!



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