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Getting Convenient IOP Support at Changes Healing Center

Feel like you’re struggling all alone? If you or your loved one struggles with substance use or underlying mental health disorders, you are doing the right thing by looking online to find treatment. The good news is that you’ve found the best resource for intensive outpatient program Tempe services!

Our treatment center team members are mental health and addiction experts. We know what recovery looks like and have a successful track record.

At Changes Healing Center, our professionals offer services to treat addiction to drugs or alcohol, eating disorders, or co-occurring disorders. You can rely on us to treat your addiction. You’ll have access to medication-assisted treatment, medical detox, and a full continuum of services.

Keep reading to learn more about what makes an effective IOP offering, and get more details on our programs at Changes as well!

Why Tempe Needs Addiction Recovery Center Options

Tempe, like most communities in the Phoenix, Arizona, metro area, has had an uptick in drug abuse and addiction. This increase shows the need for recovery resources within the community.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the rise in substance use disorders is significant. By understanding the scope of the issue, you’ll see the importance of having local treatment options – like our program offerings at Changes.

Outpatient programs in Arizona, like our accredited IOP, offer a valuable resource for those needing flexible support and/or stepping down from a residential program.


Why Tempe Needs Addiction Recovery Center

Our Intensive Outpatient Program: The Changes IOP

In addition to these issues, you may also experience some uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, such as:

Intensive outpatient programs are a cornerstone at Changes Healing Center. They assist our clients who need addiction treatment but must maintain daily responsibilities.

Unlike residential treatments, outpatient therapy allows clients to mesh their recovery process with their daily lives. Outpatient treatment is practical and sometimes the only treatment program option.

Another key aspect of our program is family involvement. Our clinicians understand that recovering from addiction often includes family therapy. Our therapists facilitate this involvement to encourage trauma resolution, which often helps both the client as well as their loved ones.

Partial Hospitalization Programs for a Bit More Structure

A partial hospitalization program (also often called a PHP) offers excellent care without the residential component of inpatient treatment. Patients attend therapy with their treatment professionals during daytime hours and return to their families in the evening.

This treatment program is for clients who require intensive individual and family therapy. In these programs, clients also have families supporting them in their recovery.

Enroll in Our intensive outpatient program for Tempe.

Our Residential Treatment and Recovery Center

Success requires intensive treatment programs for some. That’s where our residential programs come in.

Residential (also known as inpatient) treatment focuses on mental health and individual therapy. In-depth programs provide patients with therapy in a safe and structured environment for dealing with substance use.

Clients with dual diagnosis, aka co-occurring disorders, find this option particularly beneficial. These services offer a focused, distraction-free environment to overcome mental health issues and develop coping skills.

When Not at IOP: Engaging in Sober Activities in Tempe

Indoor Activities to Enjoy Sober in Tempe

There is no “after recovery”. You must commit to recovery for life. That’s why finding healthy and sober activities is absolutely critical after leaving treatment. Choosing new activities helps to avoid the triggers that often cause a relapse.

Tempe, Arizona, offers many healthy activities after recovery. These are great – for families or individuals.

A Sampling of Indoor Activities to Enjoy Sober in Tempe

Tempe offers many indoor activities that you can enjoy without alcohol or drugs, essential coping skills for staying sober.

  • AZ Heritage Center at Papago Park:This cultural center celebrates Arizona’s rich history. Exploring these exhibits can be therapeutic and educational. It allows you to connect with the past and find perspective in the present. Engaging with history can promote a sense of belonging.
  • Tempe Marketplace:This space isn’t just a shopping destination; it’s where individuals can celebrate their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. For someone making significant strides in recovery, buying new clothes to fit a healthier body can be incredibly affirming. This act of self-care can boost self-esteem and reinforce positive lifestyle changes.
  • Tempe Center for the Arts:The Tempe Center for the Arts offers a serene environment to enjoy everything from visual to performing arts. These are a peaceful retreat for those seeking fresh inspiration.
  • Tempe History Museum: Visiting the Tempe History Museum is a way to reconnect with the community while staying committed to sobriety. Understanding local history gives you a feeling of connection and community. The museum offers a quiet space that can benefit mental health.
  • Sea Life Arizona: This beautiful aquarium provides a serene and mesmerizing experience. Watching marine life can be incredibly calming and meditative, helping to reduce stress. This peaceful and engaging activity is excellent for maintaining mental balance and promoting well-being.

Each activity offers a unique way to promote sober living. But recovery from substance use in Tempe offers much more. You’ll be surprised at the number of alcohol and drug-free activities available.

Getting Outside and Having Sober Fun in Tempe

Getting Outside and Having Sober Fun in Tempe

Tempe’s natural beauty provides an excellent backdrop for outdoor sober activities. Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, or parks, your town has something for adults to enjoy.

  • Kiwanis Park:Kiwanis Park is a sprawling outdoor space that offers a variety of activities, from casual walks to sports program offerings. Engaging in these fun activities boosts physical and mental health. The natural environment and the opportunity for exercise can help reduce anxiety, improve mood, and encourage a healthier lifestyle.
  • Tempe Town Lake: This spot is famous for water-based activities – kayaking, paddleboarding, and fishing. Being near the water can be calming – it’s also an excellent place for physical activity. The peace you gain from visiting Tempe Town Lake can reinforce positive life choices.
  • Hike “A ” Mountain: The trails at “A” Mountain offer a moderate physical challenge as you recover. Reaching the summit of “A” Mountain provides a sense of accomplishment and perspective.
  • City of Tempe Biking Paths: Tempe’s extensive biking paths allow safe and enjoyable rides. Biking can improve physical fitness, relieve stress, and provide a sense of freedom.

Each outdoor activity in Tempe offers benefits that support your commitment to health after addiction.

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After Treatment at Changes: Community-Based Group Therapy

Besides finding healthy, sober things to do, it’s also helpful to find peer group therapy meetings to continue to heal after addiction: Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

These groups meet once or more per week for adults recovering from addictions. For those who would prefer a non-12 Step approach to recovery support, SMART Recovery as well as Refuge Recovery, and other alternatives are commonplace in Tempe as well as throughout the Phoenix Valley.

Alcoholics Anonymous in Tempe

Here are a couple of AA opportunities:

  • Rising Spirit Group, 2085 East Southern Avenue, Tempe, Arizona | Friday @ 6:45 am
  • Bloopers Tempe, 5000 South Price Road, Tempe, Arizona| Monday @ 12:00 pm

These are only two meetings – you’ll find many more on their website.

Narcotics Anonymous in Tempe

If you are looking for NA, here are a couple of local opportunities:

  • RU Ready Group, 714 South Myrtle Avenue, Tempe, Arizona | Sunday @ 5 pm
  • Staying Clean for Dummies Group, 1701 South College Avenue, Tempe, Arizona | Tuesday @ 9:30 am

Like AA, you can find many additional times on the NA website.

SMART Recovery in Tempe and Phoenix

SMART Recovery in Tempe and Phoenix

Though there are considerably fewer in-person meetings for SMART in the the greater Phoenix Valley, here are a pair to get you started:

  • Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix, 627 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Mesa, AZ 85201 USA | 9 PM: M, T, Wednesday with a 90-minute meeting time
  • Unity of Phoenix Church, 1500 East Greenway Parkway, Phoenix, Arizona 85022, USA | 11:30 AM Saturday

Additional meetings in Maricopa County, as well as nationwide meetings held online daily, can be found at the following resource from the official website.

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