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When you are ready to get clean, you need to find convenient and local drug and alcohol addiction treatment services. If you need a drug rehab, Mesa, AZ is a great place to start seeking help for substance use. Changes Healing Center should be at the top of your list of potential rehab centers because of its expertise, proximity, and high-quality care for Mesa residents.

Changes Healing Center is less than a half-hour west on the 202 from Mesa, which makes it ideal for anyone who wants residential treatment or outpatient programs. Our friendly admissions team can assist you in finding the services you need and verifying your insurance coverage.

Reach out to us at any time to learn more and keep reading for details on why we are considered among the top rehabilitation centers for Mesa and Maricopa County!

The Benefits of Addiction Treatment Care in Mesa, AZ

The good news is that if you are attending Changes Healing Center, you will be close to all of the attractions in Mesa, AZ. If you are in our intensive outpatient programs or partial hospitalization programs, then you will have plenty of free time outside your services to explore the beautiful surrounding area (and our inpatient clients also get to experience the area on outings too!)
Here are some of the top things you might want to try in Mesa, AZ.

Hiking Trails for Scenic Views and Health Benefits

Did you know that walking in nature has significant health benefits for you both physically and mentally? The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration lists taking a walk as a great activity for wellness.

When you have a free afternoon, take advantage of the always sunny weather in Mesa, AZ, and take to some of their beautiful hiking trails. Here, you can explore the best of the desert flora and fauna. Depending on the time of year, you may even be treated to a display of blooming wildflowers.

Some of the best hiking trails in Mesa include the Usery Mountain Regional Park, Hieroglyphic Trail, and Siphon Draw. Each one has stunning views year-round and will ensure that you can make the most of your proximity to Mesa.

Hiking Trails in Mountain Regional Park

Hot Air Balloon Rides

If you aren’t scared of heights, you might decide to give Rainbow Ryders a chance. They will take you high above the Sonoran Desert in a hot air balloon, giving you a truly unique experience of the Mesa, AZ area. This is beautiful at both sunrise and sunset when you are free from your outpatient services for the day.

You can see the best of the desert landscape from up to 3,000 feet in the air, but you will also get a much closer glimpse at the native inhabitants of the land from just 400 feet in the air. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience while you are convenient to Mesa.

Mesa Arts Center

In addition to the outdoor activities you can engage in, you may also want to explore the arts scene and the more cultural landscape of Mesa, AZ. You could spend an entire day at this spacious arts center, soaking in the beautiful galleries and taking in shows at one of their four performance theaters.

Here, you will find fourteen art studios and five gallery exhibitions as well as the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum. If art helps you to feel more connected to your emotions and inspires you, then this is a can’t-miss exhibit during your substance abuse treatment.

Not to mention, it’s great fun for the whole family. This allows you to reconnect with your loved ones in a safe space.

Learn More About Local Farms

Whether you are a foodie or just someone who cares about sustainable farming practices, you may want to consider the Fresh FoodieTrail. One of the best stops on this experience is the Freeman Farms honeybee operation. They will educate you on how honeybees help the environment and why they matter for our continued sustenance.

Other stops along the trail include the Queen Creek Olive Mill, Proof Bread, and the Freeman Farms Corn Patch. Whether you want education or a tasty bite to eat, you will find what you are looking for along the FoodieTrail.

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Rose Garden at Mesa Community College

The old adage about stopping to smell the roses comes into play when you visit the rose garden at the Mesa Community College. This is one of the largest rose gardens in the region. More than 9,000 rose bushes are planted here — and the best part is, you can access them for free.

It is a self-guided walking tour through the lush gardens that is sure to take your breath away!

Apache Trail

Apache Trail

Some people unwind best when they are behind the wheel or taking a road trip with their loved ones. When you are not in treatment centers, you may want to take a ride down the Apache Trail. This scenic area is filled with all of the geological elements that make Mesa, Arizona such a desirable place to visit and live.

While you drive, you will experience canyons, lakes, wildflowers, and even rock formations. It is the perfect spot to stop and take pictures to commemorate this important milestone in your treatment and your life.

Mesa Riverview Park

If you have little ones who need to spend time with you and get some of their energy out, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Mesa Riverview Park. Not only is it close to shopping and dining, but it is a well-appointed playground for the kids.

It goes beyond the normal jungle gym and swing sets, offering a 50-foot climbing wall, a caterpillar mesh rope climbing structure, and two playgrounds. Not to mention, it also has some shady spots where you might want to picnic or sit by the water to enjoy a beautiful day in the Arizona sunshine.

Detoxification, Residential Inpatient, Outpatient Treatment, and More

No matter what level of support you require for substance use disorder treatment in Arizona, Changes Healing Center offers some of the best evidence-based treatments around. Allow us to help you make the first and most critical steps toward your recovery process.

5 Benefits of Choosing Changes Healing Center for Treatment

Mental Health Services like ACT

Here are five of the offerings that set our facility apart from the competition and make us the top choice for Mesa, AZ substance abuse issues.

1) Robust Mental Health Services like ACT

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a great tool that is not often seen in substance abuse treatment centers. According to the research, ACT proves beneficial for patients who struggle with an alcohol or drug addiction. Instead of avoiding difficult scenarios, this form of therapy encourages you to accept them and move past them.

How does this relate to your substance abuse?

Whenever a craving comes up that might trigger you to use it again, ACT therapy at Changes teaches you to accept the feelings you have. Only once you accept the feeling can you commit to your sobriety and make a new and different choice that leads you out of the thick of your substance misuse.

Get Accredited Treatment Programs Now At Changes!

2) Dual Diagnosis Expertise

You might enter into a drug or alcohol rehab with the idea that you need to get your substance abuse under control. However, you may find that there is another underlying cause for your drug and alcohol use. Some studies find that up to 24 percent of those with substance use disorder also have a mental health diagnosis.

Changes Healing Center has the expertise required to determine how to best move forward with your addiction treatment. Our drug and alcohol rehab is set up to help you, no matter what your diagnosis might be. In addition to medication assisted treatment to assist with alcohol and opiate addiction, we also provide dedicated medication management for our clients with co-occurring disorders.

3) Joint Commission Accredited

At Changes Healing Center, we are committed to offering safe and high-quality healthcare to all of our patients. Regardless of whether you opt for inpatient treatment or outpatient programs, we are a Joint Commission-accredited facility. This proves that we offer safe and effective treatment for all of our patients.

The Joint Commission has been around for more than seven decades, ensuring that facilities with this designation deliver the best and safest level of care possible. They have insight and expertise into what makes a program ideal for your treatment. Rest assured that we have met their rigorous standards.

4) Experienced Clinical Staff

Experienced Clinical Staff

Changes Healing Center is proud to offer some of the most experienced clinical staff members around. We have expertise not only in substance abuse but also with mental health issues that can impact your outcomes at an alcohol or drug rehab.

Our clinical staff has the training and experience you need to pinpoint issues and help you move ahead without substance use. They are well-versed in many evidence-based treatments including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, and more.

We can also facilitate both individual therapy and group therapy sessions to expand your treatment and meet all of your needs.

Reach Out For Immediate Help At Changes Today!

5) Accepts Arizona Medicaid

It can be challenging to locate treatment centers in Mesa, AZ that are Joint Commission-accredited and that accept Arizona Medicaid. Changes Healing Center is proud to accept AHCCCS insurance plans and will work with you on the cost of receiving help at our facility.

We have a dedicated admissions team who can talk with you about your insurance, verify your benefits, and see what your total out-of-pocket cost will be. Money should never be the thing that holds you back from embracing sober living.

Let us help you with the financial heavy lifting by getting a free, fast, and confidential verification of benefits.

Get Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Today at Changes Healing Center in Mesa, AZ

Treatment Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

No matter what you might be struggling with, Changes Healing Center has the skills and experience you need to embrace healing. We can help you identify the underlying cause of your substance abuse and pinpoint exactly what steps you need to take to embrace sober living.

Our treatment centers are convenient to Mesa, AZ which makes them perfect for both inpatient treatment and outpatient programs.

If you are thinking about alcohol or drug rehab, call our admissions team today. We can walk you through the next steps you need to take to get sober, verify your insurance benefits, and discuss the details of what your treatment might look like. Don’t be afraid to reach out and seek help from our experienced staff today!



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Why Changes Healing Center?

The mission of the CHC family is to assist in any way possible our client’s desire to achieve and maintain a life of long-term sobriety.

We are a licensed drug rehab in Phoenix, AZ, with substance abuse and Arizona alcohol rehab programs.

Our Programs serve Maricopa County and the surrounding cities and regions with evidence-based behavioral healthcare provided by individuals passionate about recovery.

We are JCAHO accredited for addiction treatment by the Joint Commission and strive to continuously improve our offerings and make treatment more accessible for all in need.

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