Fentanyl Rehab: The Start of Lasting Recovery

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You already know how hard quitting fentanyl can be. Whether you are trying to get clean on your own or watching a loved one go through cycles of withdrawal, it is incredibly difficult. But help can be found, here and now.

At Changes, our fentanyl rehab center can help you overcome your addiction to opioids in a comfortable setting. From inpatient to intensive outpatient, you need a team of trained professionals to help you conquer this type of substance use. Research shows that strong support through the first 90 days of recovery is the most effective treatment for anyone struggling with fentanyl addiction.

Changes Healing Center offers a robust fentanyl addiction treatment program to help you cope with your withdrawal symptoms. With our team of medical professionals, we can help you conquer your cravings before you hit a point of fentanyl overdose. Substance abuse is challenging, but we can come alongside you for support through the challenges of early recovery.

Keep reading to learn more about our offerings, and reach out at any time to get help from our compassionate team at Changes!

Evidence-Based Fentanyl Addiction Treatment Program

A medical detox is the initial step to help you cope with the withdrawal symptoms of fentanyl addiction, but what can you expect from subsequent treatment? Everyone needs to ensure that the facility they select to help them embrace sober living uses an evidence-based treatment program.

Here are some of the leading addiction treatment protocols employed at Changes, along with a personalized treatment plan for each client. The strength of our clinical staff and our combination of evidence-based approaches offer a firm foundation of support to help you prevent relapse and achieve successful, lasting recovery.

Evidence-Based Fentanyl Addiction Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Long-Term Severe Pain

Many people fall into fentanyl addiction because of its powerful pain-relieving properties. If you have been struggling with severe pain for a long time, you may have a difficult time discontinuing substance use without something else to assist you. We can help you get relief from chronic pain.

Medication-assisted treatment is also used to prevent relapse. There are several medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration for opioid use disorders.

Keep in mind that medication is not typically the only approach to detox from fentanyl addiction and succesful treatment. You will also need to enroll in therapies that can help you through fentanyl withdrawal. Some of the other therapies you will participate in are listed below.

 Cognitive Behavioral Therapies to Influence Changed Actions

One of the most prominent treatment modalities employed in all forms of effective addiction treatment is CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). Our fentanyl rehab program at Changes uses CBT to help clients interrupt the vicious cycle that keeps them using opioid drugs.

How does this approach work?

A skilled and experienced therapist using CBT will help you envision a triangle with sides representing your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Both thoughts and feelings are highly influential when it comes to the way you act upon your substance abuse. If you can interrupt the cycle at one of these levels, a sense of mindfulness can be attained over behaviors that used to run rampant.

CBT also allows you to look for cognitive distortions or irrational thought patterns that keep you bound in fentanyl addiction.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy or Interviewing for Goal Setting

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Many people who enter into fentanyl rehab want to get clean but are not sure of the exact motivation needed to break the chains of a drug addiction. They may find that they are ambivalent about their drug use and feel that no matter what they do, they can never conquer their use of fentanyl or other opioids.

Motivational enhancement therapy (sometimes also referred to as motivational interviewing) is the solution.

Under this type of therapy at our treatment center, your therapist will take the time to listen to what you are going through and reflect back to you what they hear. Together, you will come up with goals that feel aligned with your deepest desires. You will learn to combat resistance to change and develop a sense of autonomy over your substance use disorder.

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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for Mindfulness

When you choose treatment at Changes Healing Center, there is no shortage of effective treatment options for those who struggle with opioid drug use. Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is another tool that you can add to your box of treatments that aid in fentanyl addiction. Once your most severe withdrawal symptoms are over, this can help you to cope with the day-to-day cravings and issues.

DBT aims to give you important coping skills so that you no longer have to turn to opioid medications to cope with the emotional or social stressors of your life. One of the most important coping skills it teaches you how to implement is mindfulness.

Mindfulness helps you to sit with the distress you may feel when unpleasant emotions pop up from time to time or when cravings for your old opioid addiction are top of mind. The longer you can sit with and simply acknowledge your feelings, the better off you will be.

Contingency Management for Reward and Motivation

Chances are that you will need some motivation when you first enter into addiction treatment. This is where contingency management comes into play. At Changes, our fentanyl rehab has a system of rewards that rewards clients when taking a clean drug test or when attending all scheduled therapy appointments.

The reward could be something like pizza night or a trip to the movies. However, it can also be a little bit more abstract, such as an entry to win a grand prize for each action that moves you further along the scope of fentanyl abuse treatment.

The contingency management approach starts a cycle of positive reinforcement for not using fentanyl and other opioids which can be compounded over time with prolonged abstinence.

Peer Support Groups for Community and Accountability

Peer Support Groups for Community

Along with individual therapy sessions in a fentanyl addiction treatment program, it is also important to consider the role of peer support groups. There are several ways that group therapy can shape your treatment: true support groups like 12-step meetings, SMART Recovery, and skills-based classes.

Support from 12-step meetings is a great way to relate to others who are facing the same struggles with fentanyl withdrawal that you are going through. Groups serve as an opportunity to share advice regarding things that work for you. It also allows you to feel more connected to the struggles of others.

These types of meetings can be a great option for anyone taking fentanyl and other drugs, primarily because they are low-cost and are available in the community. While you may participate in them during your tenure at an inpatient or outpatient fentanyl rehab, you will also find them when you graduate at local churches, community centers, and more.

However, our skills-based classes are just as effective and popular for addiction treatment. In particular, it is relatively common to see dialectical behavioral therapies taught in a group setting. You can all practice and learn from one another as you go.

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Yoga and Body-Based Work at Our Treatment Center

Once you have the skills of mindfulness in your toolbox, yoga can help you take them another step further. Yoga uses breathwork in order to tether you to your body and allows you to simply feel what your body feels at any given juncture. It is a great way to get into the present moment.

Many people who practice yoga also have a thriving mindfulness meditation practice as well. This gives you space to simply sit and experience your emotions with no need to act on them in the near future. With a little bit of space between your emotions and the time you need to act, you can make a better choice over substance use.

Yoga is highly beneficial, especially if you have co-occurring mental health needs. It can work in tandem with a robust treatment program for many different diagnoses, struggles, and problems.

Art and Music Therapies for Creative Expression

Music Therapies for Creative Expression

There are lots of complementary therapies that can be used following fentanyl detox. Changes Healing Center offers other services like art therapy in our treatment for fentanyl addiction. This gives you a platform through which you can express yourself without having to use words. Get to the feelings underneath your substance use disorder with art.

If art does not appeal to you, even music therapy can help you express your emotions more fully. Play an instrument, sing, or beat a drum. There is always a way for you to be productive in expressing your feelings without relying on fentanyl and other drugs to cope.

Many of the lessons learned through these complementary therapies will serve as coping skills for you once you are discharged from a fentanyl rehab. Like DBT, they put skills in your toolbox that can truly be invaluable moving forward.

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Our Fentanyl Rehab: Your Launch Pad to a New Life

Whether you are prescribed fentanyl or got your supply from the street, you need to find a treatment center that has robust treatment options to give you the support you need. Changes Healing Center offers many of the above therapies to help you cope with withdrawal symptoms and segue from detox into fentanyl addiction treatment.

We aim to make it easy for you to make the transition into our treatment program at any stage of your journey. From medical detox to inpatient and outpatient services, we offer everything you need to live life sober.

At Changes, you will be comfortable and safe while you detox from this powerful drug. We can give you a quick and confidential assessment of the cost and programs you need to leave fentanyl misuse behind for good, so please reach out to get options for fentanyl recovery with us now!