Sharing Examples from My Experience in Quitting Tina

A meth addiction is a full-time job. While living from ‘shard to shard,’ the physical symptoms as well as the psychological symptoms of meth abuse are as intense as any other drug. When you’re on the drug, you suffer greatly from its side effects and mental health collateral damage. When you go through meth withdrawal symptoms, you suffer even more, as your body craves just ‘one more’ lift-off.

If you’ve come to learn how long does it take to detox from meth, stick around to get answers, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll break down the meth detox timeline and my own hard-fought experiences in getting clean.

For me at least, meth addiction came along at a time when I no longer had any hope in my life. I had suffered from other types of drug addiction for years, and by the time I graduated to meth, all that mattered was staying high and keeping it moving. I lived a whirlwind existence, with survival being my main daily goal.

When I finally began treatment at Changes Healing Center, most of my dreams were long forgotten, and most of my family looked at me like a stranger. If this sounds familiar, keep reading to get more information about the meth detox process and when I finally found a foothold and got help!

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Living With the Reality of a Crystal Meth Addiction

Substance abuse is an all-consuming situation. When you are addicted to a drug like meth, every aspect of your health is affected. My crystal meth addiction led to long-term damage to my mind and body. I still have scars that remind me of how far I have come since I first sought meth addiction treatment.

I’ve been through the withdrawal process multiple times. There were times I thought that I finally wanted to quit, but the discomfort of meth withdrawal led me to go right back to the drug. If you can get through the withdrawal, you have gotten one step closer to lasting recovery. In this blog, I will lay out how you can make that happen.

The Mental Agony of Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

Mental Agony of Meth Withdrawal Symptom

Meth withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, fatigue, irritability, and intense drug cravings. I never wanted to get high so bad until I was going through a meth withdrawal. The withdrawal symptoms are enough to break even the strongest person. To detox from meth, you have to truly want to get clean in order to put up with that kind of discomfort.

The physical symptoms and restlessness can get bad, but the severe depression that can come from meth detoxing is what really scared me. When I finally gave recovery a chance at Changes Healing Center, I was absolutely broken from years of all kinds of drug abuse. I had run away from my problems for over a decade and felt so tired all the time, except when I hit the bubble and got some relief.

When I tried to detox off meth, all of these problems flooded back into my mind, and I was forced to sit with them for the very first time.

How Long Does it Take to Detox from Meth: A Typical Timeline

The acute withdrawal phase when coming off meth can last from several days to a week. Some people experience lasting methamphetamine withdrawal symptoms that persist for multiple weeks to a month or longer. The medical detox process typically lasts several days in order to get through the physical discomfort. You can’t begin to work on your mental recovery until you get through the physical phase.

No matter the severity of your crystal meth addiction, the withdrawal process is going to be tough. Because I had been a meth addict for such a long time, I still felt the withdrawal symptoms weeks later. The drug cravings were the worst part for me. I knew how much damage my addiction caused me, but there were moments when I was willing to throw away all my progress to get high again.

I was fortunate enough to have support from my peers and especially the clinical team (much love to Jeff!) or I might have abandoned the recovery process entirely and gone back out.

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Surviving Methamphetamine Withdrawal

If you can survive a long-term meth addiction, then you can survive the withdrawals. The drugs may mask the physical and emotional pain, but no amount of meth can make you forget the damage done to your body. I was covered in sores as a result of constantly picking at my skin, and my teeth were severely damaged from all of the tooth grinding that I did.

You aren’t thinking of taking care of yourself when you suffer from a severe drug addiction. The only medicine is more drugs. Because meth does so much physical damage, a medical detox is highly recommended. I tried to do a self-detox once, and I found it impossible.

Depression and Anxiety

The physical symptoms were one thing, but the depression and anxiety I went through while going through detox just about did me in. Many people who suffer from substance use disorders have either dark pasts or a lot of mental issues that they never address. The drugs keep you in a prolonged state of avoidance. You will do anything to avoid dealing with real-life issues, and drugs are the perfect way to do that.

At Changes, I found their experience in helping dual-diagnosis clients really helped me as well, even though I had never been formally diagnosed with depression or anxiety, they had followed me around for most of my life.

When I started the whole crystal meth treatment process, I was still ashamed that I had let my addiction get so bad. There was a lot of self-pity and self-loathing that came up. The people at Changes did an incredible job of treating me with respect and reminding me that just because I was an addict didn’t mean my life was over.

How Do I Achieve Lasting Recovery?

Engaging in behavioral therapy

If you really want to get clean and find a life in recovery, you can do it. It sounds simple, but there is a lot that goes into the process. Being at a treatment facility like Changes brought out a lot of hope in me that I never had before. Through my treatment, I learned about co-occurring disorders and how these disorders had affected my life.

A lot of times addiction can be either caused or enhanced by some kind of mental illness. For the first time in my life, I acknowledged my mental illness and the effect that it had on my decision-making. My meth abuse had caused my mental state to plummet and severely affected my cognitive function.

Of course, at the time, that wasn’t clear to me, but now that I’m clean and active in my recovery, it sure is!

Behavioral Therapies That Helped Shift My Mindset

Engaging in behavioral therapy helped me tremendously in my recovery journey. It took a lot of work, but I was finally able to figure out how to control my behavior and not let my feelings and emotions make me do something I would regret. Sometimes letting feelings pass without acting on them can make all the difference.

It’s a tricky balance. When you suffer withdrawal symptoms such as mood swings and depression, it can be hard to not act on those emotions and make mistakes. It takes a lot of mental fortitude and practice, but I’ve seen so many people in recovery make incredible progress in this area.

Building a Support System in Recovery

While addiction recovery is a very personal process, outside support goes a long way. You can’t do it completely alone. We all have lonely moments and it’s in those moments where we can become vulnerable. Having a person to call can make all the difference. I’ve had moments where I thought I would relapse, and all it took was calling someone and talking it out. Everybody in recovery needs to be picked up from time to time.

I take every opportunity to talk to someone who is struggling. No matter how well your recovery is going, sometimes things can take a turn out of nowhere. The most important aspect of recovery is being willing to admit when you are feeling weak. We all have those moments. I’ve never met anyone in recovery who has never had moments of weakness.

Talk It Out and Get Help from Others Who Understand

Out and Get Help from Others

I got to multiple meetings a week, even if I don’t feel like it sometimes. I know the importance of listening to others tell their story. I also know that by telling my story, I may be making a difference in someone’s day. Support groups give recovering addicts a place to speak openly without any fear of being judged. Having a judgment-free zone like this is a safe haven for all addicts.

Effective addiction treatment is ongoing and long-term. You don’t get clean and then never work on your sobriety. It is an ongoing process. You get out of it what you put in. When I am active in my recovery and mindful of my mental health, I feel better. When I have moments of weakness, it’s usually when I haven’t been to a meeting in a while. If you make sobriety a priority, you have the best chance of success.

Reach Out and Get Help At Changes Today!

Reach Out to Changes for Support and a Safe Detox Setting

Listen, I know it is hard to consider stopping using. For me, the symptoms of meth withdrawal would always pull me back, but it doesn’t have to be that way in your story. If you are curious about getting effective detox support for meth, seize the momentum you have just by reading my story and reach out to the team at Changes. Do it now.

I know I never look back in regret at asking them for help, not for one moment, and it can be a turning point for you as well. Just pick up the phone and let them help you give getting clean a try, today!