Using Arizona Medicaid Coverage for Detox and Rehab at Changes

For me, the hardest thing about getting help wasn’t putting down the drugs for the last time. What I found hardest was trying to get the help I needed when I didn’t know where to look. Even worse was trying to navigate wait lists and endless insurance questions after I finally located options.

If you’ve recently tried to quit using like I did, you may find yourself wondering, “Does AHCCCS cover drug rehab?”

In short, yes. The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System is accepted at several Arizona facilities, including at Changes Healing Center. At Changes, their facility proudly accepts AHCCCS for inpatient addiction treatment, outpatient treatment, and other mental health services.

Keep reading, we will take a closer look together at all the ways Changes makes it easier for clients like you and me to pay for treatment and why they are also among the top AHCCS drug rehab options in the state!

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What is AHCCCS?

AHCCCS coverage is medical coverage offered to Arizona residents who meet certain income or hardship guidelines. This insurance is put in place to provide a valuable resource to individuals who may not have insurance coverage otherwise.

Even if you have just applied for AHCCCS and are waiting for coverage, they may be able to connect you with resources for recovery. And if you have not yet petitioned for coverage, our comprehensive guide to getting AHCCCS benefits can guide you easily along the process!

Call Changes Healing Center today – their dedicated team will work with AHCCCS to verify pending coverage so you can get help sooner.

Does AHCCCS Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

AHCCCS Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment

Yes, AHCCCS covers a wide range of treatments for addiction. Some services offered at Changes for Arizona residents include medically supervised alcohol detox, inpatient programs, supervised day programs, case management, counseling, crisis services, and other treatment options.

I know first-hand that when you’re actively withdrawing, you don’t want to spend hours on the phone with your insurance company or HMO (health maintenance organization) to find out if services are covered. Make the call to Changes Healing instead, and let them give you solid options among their programs.

Doctors and other medical professionals often have a faster, more direct line to your insurance company, and I know they were able to verify my benefits and get me into treatment the very same day.

Is Drug and Alcohol Addiction Considered an Illness?

Drug and alcohol addictions are often referred to collectively as substance use disorders. Substance use disorder is a condition that often requires intervention, particularly for medical detox and managing withdrawal symptoms.

Many rehab centers and medical professionals do consider it an illness, and embrace a disease concept of addiction, particularly because of the toll substance use takes on the body and mind.

Will There be Out-of-Pocket Costs for Treatment?

One of the biggest obstacles to recovering from substance abuse disorder is covering the cost of treatment. As an ex-addict, I can attest to how easy it is to blow through money to fund your habits. Once you decide to quit, there usually isn’t much left over to work at.

The truth is that coverage at a rehab center is going to depend on your specific health insurance plan through Arizona Medicaid. While Changes does accept AHCCCS, some clients may have a copay for their health care.

Regardless, their caring Admissions staff works with each of our clients to find a treatment option that provides the support they need within their budget.

Does AHCCCS Cover Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab Programs?

Yes, AHCCCS insurance will cover drug and alcohol rehab. In addition to medication-assisted treatment for individuals experiencing withdrawal, AHCCCS may cover intensive treatment programs, residential behavioral health services, medical detox, medical day programs, and outpatient treatment services.

These outpatient services might include attending support groups, counseling, or case management to help with substance abuse treatment.

Does AHCCCS Cover Mental Health Treatment?

Mental Health Treatment

Changes Healing Center does accept AHCCCS insurance plans as payment for mental health treatment in many cases. Mental health coverage is among the many benefits of AHCCCS plans. This includes evaluation and treatment of depression, anxiety, and other conditions.

There are many mental health benefits when you seek treatment, which might include inpatient or outpatient programs, various types of therapy, and other treatments covered under the Medicaid program.

Does AHCCCS Cover Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

The Joint Commission accreditation given to Changes means that it is one of the top rehab centers in Arizona when it comes to providing total care, including the offering of dual-diagnosis programs for individuals struggling with addiction in addition to depression, anxiety, or other conditions.

Needing dual-diagnosis treatment is common, especially since underlying trauma or mental illness contributes to substance use. Many addicts start by self-medicating their symptoms. At Changes, their staff can help with medication management, peer support, and behavioral health services to support your recovery.

Call them to find out if they are on your insurance’s list of addiction treatment providers today, whether you have AHCCCS or any other insurance company, and details are often available within minutes!

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How Do I Get Qualified for AHCCCS?

To be qualified for AHCCCS coverage, individuals have to an Arizona residents and meet certain income guidelines and eligibility requirements. AHCCCS insurance can also be used by pregnant women struggling with drug use, people who have used drugs before and after incarceration, and other at-risk groups.

Additionally, AHCCCS may be able to help individuals who have health insurance but without coverage for substance abuse.

The Types of Care AHCCCS Insurance Covers

For individuals who meet the criteria, AHCCCS covers a wide range of treatment options. At rehab for drugs or alcohol, you can get help with abstaining from drug abuse and managing withdrawal symptoms.

Clients can also attend group therapy, work with an individual therapist, and reap other benefits from our comprehensive programs. If you are wondering if AHCCCS pays for therapists, inpatient, or outpatient services, call Changes today and let them find out for you!

The Cost of Treatment at Facilities that Accept AHCCCS

Pay for Addiction Treatment

You should never have to worry about if you can afford to start fighting addiction. Even people from low-income families should have the coverage that they need to get their lives back on track.

Often, AHCCCS offers full coverage for people in a certain income bracket. Even for people outside of that bracket who may have to pay some costs associated with treatment, the payment is going to be significantly lower than the total cost of rehab for addiction.

Will I Have to Pay for Addiction Treatment Services?

For low-income individuals, one of the AHCCCS benefits is full coverage, which means you may not have to pay out-of-pocket for services at all. The last thing that should stand in your way once you’ve made that hard decision to get clean is money.

At Changes, they will work directly with your insurance company on your behalf to find out exactly what services will be covered and at what expense, if any.

How Do I Verify My AHCCCS Coverage?

The easiest way to verify your coverage is by calling Changes directly. Our rehab center staff can easily contact your insurance company and verify coverage directly, often within five minutes of your call.

This is one of the major benefits of letting us do the hard work for you since you’ve already made the difficult decision to quit.

Get Proven Alcohol and Drug Treatment Options Now!

Get Treatment Programs at Changes Using AHCCCS

Stop worrying if you have addiction treatment coverage and start your path to recovery today. Give the caring Admissions team at Changes a call to set up your intake today! They can find out if you have coverage through AHCCCS or another insurance plan and provide realistic costs of treatment.

Plus, their staff can offer professional treatment advice, all while coming up with a plan in your budget. Some clients even find the treatment programs are covered by their health care insurance coverage at no cost to them! I know in my case, it was a call I will be eternally grateful for.

Do yourself or your loved one a favor and reach out now to get treatment options easily and effectively at Changes Healing Center!